Logos are everywhere.  They’re on billboards, signs, clothes, buildings, packaging, at weddings and bat mitzvahs… but not all logos are created equal.  Many logos are overworked, nonsensical, over-detailed, incohesive, using too many fonts and mismatch color schemes… and worst of all not relating to the product or service they are intended to represent.

I believe that clarity and simplicity are the key.  A great logo design conveys a clear and simple message about the product or service that it represents.  It doesn’t confuse or distract.  A good logo conveys a mood, a feeling, an emotion.  Without words it tells a story.  A great logo gets noticed and is remembered.

I have been a graphic designer for more then 20 years and designing logos is my passion.  I love the challenge of taking a business, an event or a product and translating it into a single, clear, simple and memorable icon.

The logo shown in this post was designed for my niece Sara Moss for the occasion of her Bar Mitzvah.  Sara’s nickname is SMOSS.  She wanted a bright, happy logo for her Street Festival themed Bar Mitzvah party in San Francisco!


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